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Review of HANNOVER MESSE 2017

Over 225,000 visitors attended the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology and took major steps towards Industrie 4.0 and energy systems for the future.
The lead theme “Integrated Industry – Creating Value” showed the way forward: The age of integrated industrial and energy systems has begun. Now it’s time to press ahead with market-ready 4.0 technologies to create more value.
From Industrial Automation and MDA to IAMD – 2 are now 1


As from 2018 HANNOVER MESSE will be even stronger. The two leading trade fairs Industrial Automation and MDA will be amalgamated in order to create a new annual event: Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives (IAMD). IAMD will present the complete spectrum of industrial automation, IT, power transmission and fluid power technology. Thanks to its size and significance, IAMD will be the premier platform for investors and decision-makers.

Leading exhibitors and trade associations initiated, co-developed and promoted this fundamental step in response to technological and market-oriented developments. The new IAMD is a one-of-a-kind trade fair for industrial automation, IT, power transmission and fluid technology.

Industrie 4.0 is changing Industries, Markets … and Trade Fairs

Along the entire value chain, industrial sectors and systems are becoming increasingly integrated. The trend towards connectivity and built-in intelligence has resulted in ever-shorter innovation cycles. At the same time there is a growing demand for total solutions geared to practical operating requirements. HANNOVER MESSE has made structural changes in response to these developments. The amalgamation of Industrial Automation and MDA will create a global hotspot for smart manufacturing solutions designed for the factory of the future.
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